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Principles for safer spaces

Principles of safer spaces in the activities of Coordinating the participation and inclusion of children, young people and families (ESF+)

We value well-meaning, mutual and honest interaction.  

We respect everyone as individuals and everyone’s personal space, both physical and mental. We also respect those who are not present. ​  

We respect everyone’s right to self-determination. We do not assume things or make generalisations about other people’s identities or experiences. We do not assume that everyone has the same experiences.   

We ensure that everyone can express themselves and be heard. We provide opportunities for diverse ways of participation and expression of opinions and emotions.  

We provide and receive feedback in an open and respectful manner. We discuss different views constructively.  

We do not allow discrimination, racism or hate speech, and we are committed to actively verbalising and dismantling discriminatory structures.   

We take responsibility for our own actions and behaviour, its effect on other people and the safety of our operating culture.  

We understand that we do not know everything and cannot do everything. We are ready to ask, learn and develop our own action. We are also prepared to apologise for our actions.   

We will intervene whenever we notice inappropriate behaviour or neglect of common principles. Everyone is responsible for safety. ​  

If you notice or experience discrimination or harassment, discuss the matter with the parties concerned, if you can do so safely.  Please also contact our harassment contact person.  

Our harassment contact person is Project Coordinator Antti Ollikainen,